Multidisciplinary Architecture Studio

Blue Forty

We work across scales and disciplines. We are active learners who energetically seek answers to any question thrown our way. We vigorously test our concepts utilizing physical and digital prototypes to simulate real world conditions.

Across Disciplines

We strive to create a truly cross-disciplinary studio that expands the boundary of architecture to include the objects we place in our buildings and the words written about our environments that push us to design healthier, higher performing places.

Across Scales

We operate as a full-service architectural firm with projects ranging from small scale product research/design/fabrication to urban scale infrastructure, always with the intention to bring the art of craft to its work.


Alex Collins

While growing up in his family’s multi-generational heating and air conditioning company, Blue Forty founder Alex Collins spent much of his adolescence diving into bats of fiberglass insulation and rolling through the shop on hand trucks. Spending his formative years around tradesmen who were constantly honing their craft would eventually inspire Alex’s passion for creating. He is a licensed Architect in the state of Oregon and holds accreditations from both the AIA and NCARB.

Outside of the office (or shop), you can find Alex backcountry skiing, river surfing, or camping in the cascades. 

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