June 22, 2019

Article Published in “Learning by Design”

In this summer’s edition of “Learning by Design,” a quarterly magazine focused K-12 school design, Blue Forty founder Alex Collins talks lighting, biology, and circadian rhythms.

After presenting a new workflow of simulating circadian rhythms in office environments at the annual SimBuild conference in Chicago, Blue Forty founder Alex Collins looked to apply these concepts to a classroom environment. Alex Collins, along with BBT Architects marketing manager Paul Kim, reached out to an industry magazine Learning by Design to provide a platform for this exploration. The article, a mini study of sorts, details the effect of providing a simple exterior shading device to a classroom. While conventional thought would lead designers and school districts to only see visual comfort and decreased energy loads as reasons to add passive daylighting controls, this article illustrators the possible health benefits as well.

Read the article here: https://blue-forty.com/project/lighting-for-learning/

IBPSA/ASHRAE Research: https://blue-forty.com/project/ibpsa-2018/

Learning by Design: https://learningbydesign.com/

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