July 20, 2019

Ideas Competition Entry Chosen as Finalist

Blue Forty entry “Homes, Not Houses” selected as a finalist in ArchStorming sponsored competition “Emergency Housing Mexico” in a field of over 350 global entries.

An idea contest hosted by ArchStorming sought to reimagine the design of emergency housing Mexican non-profit organization Techo was building in Mexico. Emphasis was placed on the short-term flexibility and long adaptability of the homes as well as the building’s performance among Mexico’s diverse climates. Blue Forty’s entry, designed along with collaborator Garrett Mitchell, strived to provide a high-performance framework that could be built upon once the temporary home became more permanent. Energy and lighting simulation, coupled with careful consideration of construction methods allowed us to design places that were not just fit for emergency use, but provide a place for families to comfortably call home.

See the winners here: https://www.archstorming.com/info-ehm.html

See our entry here: https://www.blue-forty.com/project/emergency-housing/

See Techo’s work here: http://us.techo.org/

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