August 26, 2019

Seattle Design Fest Entry Offered Spot at Bumbershoot

Blue Forty’s collaboration with GGLO Design and Thornton Tomasetti, EcoPeaks, chosen amongst field of 45 entries to be displayed at the annual Bumbershoot Music Festival in Seattle.

For this year’s Seattle Design Fest Block Party, Blue Forty, GGLO, and Thornton Tomasetti looked to capture the event theme of “balance” by pushing the boundaries of generative design and digital manufacturing with their installation titled EcoPeaks. Balance of form, material, and fabrication methods were all explored in the mind-bending panelized form. Of the 45 entries selected for fabrication in the event from leading architects and engineers, EcoPeaks was one of just a few to be offered to be installed at Seattle music festival Bumbershoot, which hosts over 50,000 guests every year.

See the finished product:

Seattle Design Fest:

GGLO Design:

Thornton Tomasetti:


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